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I now work at Inria Nancy with Jasmin Blanchette on a counter-example finder for higher order logic, nunchaku.

Before that, from October 2012 to September 2015, I was a PhD student in the field of first-order automated deduction at Deducteam (INRIA) under the supervision of Gilles Dowek and Guillaume Burel. My thesis is titled "Extending Superposition with Integer Arithmetic, Structural Induction, and Beyond" and can be found below. I was formerly a student in École polytechnique, in France, then at EPFL, in Switzerland, where I got a master degree in Computer Science.

I am interested by artificial intelligence, logic, programming languages; classical music and opéra, science-fiction and more generally by reading.

I have been a member of the Binet Réseau, an association in charge of the students' network in École polytechnique.

Computer science

Publications and documents

My dblp page makes a better job than me at tracking my academic papers. Some of them can also be found on HAL.



GNU/Linux and free software

I am using several GNU/Linux distributions, currently debian and archlinux. See this page.


Take a look at my free software documentation. Most of the programs I write and maintain nowadays are on my github profile. I mostly write OCaml.

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