Debugging with DOT

jeu. 29 novembre 2012 by simon


I'm starting a PhD on first-order automated theorem proving, which is the reason I'm writing an experimental theorem prover in OCaml. Theorem provers are full of complicated algorithms (that I plan to write on later), and my usual techniques for debugging are twofold:

  1. Writing a lot of ...
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Frist post

jeu. 29 novembre 2012 by simon

Hi there, here is the first post on this blag! There will (or should, at least) be posts on technical subjects by several authors :

We expect to write on C++ programming, functional programming, logic, graphics, etc.


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Tail-recursive map in OCaml

lun. 12 mars 2012 by simon

The function of the OCaml standard lib is not implemented tail-recursively. The current version (as of 4.00 on my computer) is

let rec map f = function
    [] -> []
  | a::l -> let r = f a in r :: map f l

It's pretty efficient on small lists, but blows up ...

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