Module CCList.Ref

module Ref: sig .. end

type 'a t = 'a list Pervasives.ref 
val push : 'a t -> 'a -> unit
val pop : 'a t -> 'a option
val pop_exn : 'a t -> 'a
Unsafe version of CCList.Ref.pop.
Raises Failure if the list is empty
val create : unit -> 'a t
Create a new list reference
val clear : 'a t -> unit
Remove all elements
val lift : ('a list -> 'b) -> 'a t -> 'b
Apply a list function to the content
val push_list : 'a t -> 'a list -> unit
Add elements of the list at the beginning of the list ref. Elements at the end of the list will be at the beginning of the list ref