Functor CCRingBuffer.Array.Make

module Make (Elt : sig
type t 
val dummy : t
end: S with type elt = Elt.t and type t = Elt.t array
Makes an array given an arbitrary element type
Elt : sig type t val dummy : t end

type elt 
The element type
type t 
The type of an array instance
val create : int -> t
Make an array of the given size, filled with dummy elements
val length : t -> int
length t gets the total number of elements currently in t
val get : t -> int -> elt
get t i gets the element at position i
val set : t -> int -> elt -> unit
set t i e sets the element at position i to e
val sub : t -> int -> int -> t
sub t i len gets the subarray of t from position i to i + len
val copy : t -> t
copy t makes a fresh copy of the array t
val blit : t -> int -> t -> int -> int -> unit
blit t s arr i len copies len elements from arr starting at i to position s from t
val iter : (elt -> unit) -> t -> unit
iter f t iterates over the array t invoking f with the current element, in array order