Module Default

module Default: sig .. end

Default literal base, where symbols are just strings

Default symbols: hashconsed strings

module StringSymbol: BottomUp.SymbolType  with type t = string

Default implementation

This is a ready-to-use instance of BottomUp.Make, with hashconsed strings as symbols. It also features some handy conversion functions from BottomUpBottomUpAst.

include BottomUp.S
type vartbl = {
   mutable vartbl_count : int;
   vartbl_tbl : (string, int) Hashtbl.t;
val mk_vartbl : unit -> vartbl
val literal_of_ast : ?tbl:vartbl -> BottomUpAst.literal -> literal
val clause_of_ast : BottomUpAst.clause -> clause
val query_of_ast : BottomUpAst.query -> int array * literal list * literal list