Module Logtk.Options (.ml)

module Options: LogtkOptions

type t = {
   stats : bool; (*
   print_format : string; (*
Printing format ("tstp", "debug"...)
Options that can be set by the user
val default : t
Default options
val make : t Pervasives.ref -> (string * Arg.spec * string) list
Produce of list of options suitable for Arg.parse, that may modify global parameters and the given option reference. After parsing, the reference content will reflect CLI options
val global : t Pervasives.ref
Global parameters, can be used as a mutable default
val global_opts : (string * Arg.spec * string) list
Deprecated.since 0.6.1 , use LogtkOptions.mk_global_opts instead
Options that modify Caution, this might miss some options from modules that aren't registered yet.
val mk_global_opts : unit -> (string * Arg.spec * string) list