Module LogtkLazyGraph.Mutable

module Mutable: sig .. end

type ('id, 'v, 'e) t 
Mutable graph
val create : ?eq:('id -> 'id -> bool) ->
?hash:('id -> int) ->
unit ->
('id, 'v, 'e) t * ('id, 'v, 'e) LogtkLazyGraph.graph
Create a new graph from the given equality and hash function, plus a view of it as an abstract graph
val add_vertex : ('id, 'v, 'e) t -> 'id -> 'v -> unit
Add a vertex to the graph
val add_edge : ('id, 'v, 'e) t -> 'id -> 'e -> 'id -> unit
Add an edge; the two vertices must already exist