Module LogtkOptions

module LogtkOptions: sig .. end

Global CLI options

Those options can be used by any program that parses command line arguments using the standard module Arg. It may modify some global parameters, and return a parameter type for other options.

type t = {
   stats : bool; (*
   print_format : string; (*
Printing format ("tstp", "debug"...)
Options that can be set by the user
val default : t
Default options
val make : t Pervasives.ref -> (string * Arg.spec * string) list
Produce of list of options suitable for Arg.parse, that may modify global parameters and the given option reference. After parsing, the reference content will reflect CLI options
val global : t Pervasives.ref
Global parameters, can be used as a mutable default
val global_opts : (string * Arg.spec * string) list
Deprecated.since 0.6.1 , use LogtkOptions.mk_global_opts instead
Options that modify Caution, this might miss some options from modules that aren't registered yet.
val mk_global_opts : unit -> (string * Arg.spec * string) list