Module LogtkPosition.Build

module Build: sig .. end

type t 
val empty : t
Empty builder (position=Stop)
val to_pos : t -> LogtkPosition.position
Extract current position
val of_pos : LogtkPosition.position -> t
Start from a given position
val prefix : LogtkPosition.position -> t -> t
Prefix the builder with the given position
val suffix : t -> LogtkPosition.position -> t
Append position at the end

All the following builders add elements to the end of the builder. This is useful when a term is traversed and positions of subterms are needed, since positions are easier to build in the wrong order (leaf-to-root).
val left : t -> t
Add left at the end
val right : t -> t
Add left at the end
val type_ : t -> t
val record_field : string -> t -> t
val record_rest : t -> t
val head : t -> t
val arg : int -> t -> t
Arg position at the end
val pp : Buffer.t -> t -> unit
val fmt : Format.formatter -> t -> unit